They say clothes make a man. There will be something about it. Appearance and clothing are the first things the GC will see. Your clothing should not affect the rating, but the first impression is the first impression. It is important that you feel comfortable in your clothes.

The most common and best dress for men is a classic suit. Shirt, tie, jacket, pants. Be careful that the tie matches your shirt. Pay attention not only to color matching, but also to patterns. When you put on a plaid shirt, be sure not to wear a striped tie.

Forget the jeans! Never go to graduation in jeans, even if your teachers are “cool”.

Do not choose ties with smileys or other pictures. Remember, beauty is beauty in simplicity. Remember to tie your tie nicely. A grandfather or dad will tell you how to make a nice knot. If not, there is also YouTube.

Another mistake the gentlemen are making is not putting their shirt in their pants. Now it may seem like a joke, but believe that this happens. Even such a small thing can easily spoil the first impression.

Put on a short-sleeved shirt under the jacket. The wristband doesn’t have its name just by accident.

Sneakers are taboo at maturity

Watch out for shoes. Do not take sneakers or sandals to the suit! Social shoes are real walnut. Before you go to the rehearsal room, make sure you haven’t stepped into mud or anything else on your way to school.

Don’t forget to take black socks. When you have been working with your choice of suit, do not mess your outfit with that little thing.

If you do not like this “dress style” and you are not sure if you have chosen correctly, ask your mom, girlfriend or classmate for advice. They will be happy to advise you.

Convenient above all, today has the charm

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Nothing can strangle, scratch or drag you. If you don’t feel comfortable in your suit and never wear it, try to put it on and hold it a few times a few days before the exam. You will not feel unnatural about the test itself.

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