Graduation is approaching at an unstoppable pace.

Every girl scares, scares, does what she can to finally start working and getting ready. You are slowly beginning to understand that analyzes from the Internet are not enough. You have to make good ones yourself, or repay at least four together. And now that it has a head and a heel? We will advise you on how and what is really important.

Some analyzes from the Internet may be useful, but some information is missing. Therefore, we bring you a clear structure analysis of the work.

Analysis of artistic text: how to do it?

  •         Author: year of birth and death, his life
  •         Literary Type: Characteristics
  •         Genre: characteristics
  •         Form of processing: poetry / prose / drama – monologues, dialogues
  •         Type of narrator: their / er-form
  •         Title of work: (its derivation)
  •         Composition: chapters, parts, sequence of events and time
  •         address: topicality of the workshop, what is interesting
  •         Historical background: at what time the plot takes place, what is important for the period
  •         Characterization of characters: their importance for the plot
  •         Language means: standard, general English, argot, slangy…
  •         Context of the work: inclusion in the work of the author, his other works and their brief action
  •         The Context of English and World Literature: inclusion of the author, at what time he wrote, other writers and their works
  •         Period: its characterization
  •         A similar subject: author, work, and the similarities
  •         Further processing: film, theater and the like

It is clear that you will not remember everything that you will not know any information about each book. However, after four years of secondary schooling, you should be able to derive some information. In addition, you may be illumined on a sweat during the 15 minutes. Remember, the more you talk to yourself, the less questions the examiner will ask you. Good luck then!